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Interviews on Purpose with guest Justin Ternes

Justin Ternes is a Doctor of Physiotherapy, a breathwork Specialist, a Mindset and Performance Coach and an altogether encouraging and passionate human being! His passion and purpose is to support individuals in the journey of optimizing the human experience. You can visit him at or follow him on Instagram @trueselfhealth where he is usually leading a live breathwork session or dropping content bombs about physiology and all things breath.

What is your purpose in life?

My purpose is to be in the present moment, because that is where I have the greatest opportunity to experience as much of life as possible. The greater I can connect to my purpose of presence, the more I can gift it to others.

Where does this come from and how did you discover it?

Since I was a kid, I woke up early. Jumping out of bed before the sun. It only made sense in my head that, since limited, I must see as much of the day as possible. This desire to see and seize the day has continued, yet my understanding of 'why' has evolved. I see now that I had a desire to experience life and the way to do it was by waking up early. I now understand that my 'why' remains the same, but my means of getting there has expanded. I connected to my purpose through breathwork. I have found that the breath gives me the ability to connect to the present moment. I had my first Wim Hof breathing session in 2016 and it re-ignited the childlike wonder I spoke of. As I activated my heart and lungs. As I stimulated my nervous system, I 'felt' a real and true connection to spirit. Spirit of life. Spirit of heart. Spirit of nature.

How do you connect purpose to your everyday life and work?

The idea of purpose is fascinating to me. One would think that something so important in life and soul would be easy to grasp, yet it is ever elusive. For me I must give effort and attention to keep purpose in view. Breathwork is the way I connect to purpose, because they are intimately linked. As I breathe, I fuel my heart. As I slow my mind and return to my body and reality, I see feel and grasp purpose. Only to lose it once again.

How do you remain vibrant, encouraged and energized?

​I am blessed with some personality traits that include optimism, extraversion, and charisma. Knowing these things about me, I give myself freedom to be me. So often a voice in my head says "You're doing too much. You're being too big." Yet, as I've learned to understand my strengths and more deeply understand who I am, the gift of vibrancy, energy, and encouragement fills me.

What is one thing that you do everyday that is a necessity for your success?

Breathe, sunrise, move, run, get outside, jump in the ocean, jump in a cold shower, walk if I'm not feeling like running, get in the cold shower if I'm not feeling like ocean, sunset if I don't make the sunrise.

Any other thoughts or word of encouragement!?

You are doing the best you can, yet there is always a little more you can do to shed layers and get a little deeper and closer to your heart and your truth.

Thanks for reading!

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