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Interviews on Purpose with guest Lauren Donahue

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

This week's interview features Lauren Donahue. Lauren is an expert in health, wellness and mind-body connection and is the founder of Laleigh Coffee. She was recently identified as a woman of influence in the Los Angeles area and was invited to the mayor’s home to help lead and inspire young women across California.

Lauren has opened and sold two fitness studios, is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness model in addition to leading online workouts that reach hundreds of thousands of men & women focused on changing their lives through fitness and mindfulness and has been featured in USA Today Sports, Marie Claire Magazine and Mind Body Green. Lauren has been seen on Good Day LA Fox 11, FOX, ABC, NBC Universal, GSN, E! Entertainment, CBS and Syfy.

Lauren travels and speaks all around the country to provide hope to the hopeless, facilitate connection to the lonely and share the message that every life matters.

She also recently launched her new coffee brand, Laleigh Coffee that honors her grandfather and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Parkinson’s Foundation.

You can connect with Lauren on Instagram:




And get yourself some fresh, organic, fair-trade clean coffee over at

What gives you your sense of purpose in life?

My why is to facilitate relationships so we can all live in a more connected world! I love bringing people together and helping them remember their raison detre - Reason For Being - as my grandfather would always say. My mission is for every person on this planet to know their life matters and they have a reason to be here. They are a gift to the world. My goal is to always leave people with a bigger ◡̈ on their face! I accomplish this through hosting wellness retreats, events and enjoying coffee and convo with strangers who become family!

How did you come to discover your purpose?

Ok, so this is interesting. I actually ended up living in a cave for 60 days back in 2014. It was part of a social experiment on a reality tv show and holy moly the experience was as real as it can get! As you can imagine, you have a significant amount of time to just be with yourself and reflect on your life. During this UNPLUGGED time with literally zero outlets, I began to think about my WHY, my purpose, why I was put on this earth at this time in history. I always thought because I didn't become a professional athlete or musician that I didn't have a real purpose. It was in this quiet time, silence that I discovered my purpose to CONNECT people! I had already naturally been doing this for as long as I could remember but now I knew I wanted to own it as my career / life's purpose! Now, every decision I make centers around this WHY. If the opportunity will help me connect people, I say YES. If not, I say NO.

How do you connect your purpose to everyday life and work?

This is the beautiful part of having a purpose to connect people...I get to do it everyday! Anyone that knows me, calls me THE HUMAN CONNECTOR. I am always connecting people looking for jobs, friends, life name it! I also facilitate retreats, events, lead workout videos, and share coffee and convo as a way to stay connected to my purpose. I started a coffee company with the focus being on COMMUNITY events and bringing even more people together to share in deep, meaningful conversations!

How do you remain vibrant, encouraged and energized?

I have a powerful morning practice! This was also developed after living in a cave for 60 days! I call it UNPLUGGED MORNINGS! A 9-step practice to help you disconnect to reconnect to yourself and focus more on your outlook than outlets in life! The morning practice includes journaling, reading, silence, movement, nourishment, breathwork, and declarations. This helps me set my day up for success and helps me remain vibrant, encouraged and energized!

What is one thing that you do everyday that is a necessity for your success?

MOVEMENT! Movement is my medicine! I am currently doing a mile a day challenge and raising money for Parkinson's Foundation. This helps me MOVE WITH PURPOSE! Movement helps my mental health and keeps me smiling through any challenges / obstacles that come my way.

Any other thoughts or word of encouragement!?

As my grandfather would say - "The cream will always rise to the top." - Keep moving forward, doing what you say you will do, show up for yourself and others, tell the truth, have integrity, be a servant leader and eventually you will make it to the TOP and you'll get to stay there because of WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU SHOW UP IN THIS WORLD! Keep going, keep growing!

Thanks for reading!

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