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Interviews on Purpose with guest Robb Holman

Kicking off the “Interviews on Purpose” blog series is my good friend and mentor Robb Holman. Robb not only was the officiant at my wedding, but he is also an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, podcast host, and best-selling author whose work has been featured on publications such as Inc., Forbes and Fast Company.

He is a devoted husband, father and friend who has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and the knowledge necessary for their success. The best way to describe Robb is a cheerleader of people. You will always find him helping the people around him derive more meaning from their lives and cheering them on along the way. Everybody needs a Robb in their life, and I am happy to introduce you to him today!

You can find Robb on Instagram @robb.holman and can also connect with him on linkedin!

What gives you your sense of purpose in life?

When I have the opportunity to specifically encourage someone in need, whether it be by word or action. When I take advantage of these opportunities, there is a strong sense that I’m uniquely made for this and living out my calling in life and leadership.

How did you come to discover your purpose?

Looking back, my purpose was always there, but it wasn't until certain things were brought to my attention that I had a wake-up call. I was hit with bad news as doctors found a potentially cancerous mass in my midsection. But after weeks of uncertainty, an ultrasound specialist confirmed that the mass had somehow disappeared. This miracle radically altered my perspective, prompting me to question my purpose in a way I never had before. There have also been other things both small and large along the way that have also opened my eyes to my purpose.

As my eyes continue to open wide with those who need encouragement, I’ve noticed a growing need that people are not maximizing who they really are. It drives me nuts when people don’t recognize their full potential! If anything stands in their way, something deep within me says, “Not on my watch!” Thus, I am here to be that solution within my sphere of influence: to help people get unstuck and walk in their higher purpose.

How do you connect your purpose to everyday life and work?

I simplify my life. I find when I do, it creates space for people that need my encouragement. As a result, I am more free to use my gift of encouragement with people who need it most. The great thing is that I’ve been able to turn this into a profession too!

How do you remain vibrant, encouraged and energized?

I’m obsessed with intentional and consistent self-care. So much to where it’s become a lifestyle. I’m under the strong conviction that you can only give what you got - this speaks to personal stewardship. If we want to be a good steward of our purpose, we must be good stewards of who we are. For me, it’s about remaining committed to a few basic things in life: Nurturing my relationship with God, good time with my family (quality and quantity), 7 hours of sleep per night, maintain good balanced diet, drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water each day, daily exercise, maintaining a day of rest each week, and finding a tribe of like hearted people to do life with.

What is one thing that you do everyday that is a necessity for your success?

Intentional daily gratitude. For me, I begin each day with meditating on and thanking God for the people and things that I’m most grateful for. I try to be as specific as possible and pause on each area for 20 seconds to let it sync in. Studies show that this helps retrain the brain to think more positively about ourselves, others, and our circumstances. After a time of gratitude, I enter into a time of prayer. As a result of starting with gratitude before prayer, my prayers are now out of a more thankful place!

Any other thoughts or word of encouragement!?

I am a firm believer that many people have been living their purpose for years without fully realizing it. I don’t believe purpose is something we have to strive for in our discovery process. Rather, it’s an invitation to connect the dots in our life journey so specific puzzle pieces can be identified, affirmed, and acted upon.

Thanks for reading!

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